WHO skipped Nu (and Xi). Here's what's up.

October 2021

TLDR; we recommend booster doses for all eligible patients (and probably just about everyone else). For patients who received J&J vaccine, we recommend…

August 2021

TLDR; all vaccinated individuals will be eligible for a booster dose this fall.
What does the CDC mean by "immunocompromised?"

April 2021

Covid vaccines are not perfect, but they're really darn good.
We have been allocated Moderna Covid-19 vaccine doses this week. Please click on the link below to sign up and feel free to forward this post to friends…

January 2021

Vaccination has begun, progress is slow as vaccine supplies are very limited. We hope to have doses soon.

December 2020

TLDR; AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna have released positive vaccine trial results. We've created a timeline; expect widespread availability by late…

November 2020

We are a few (or several) weeks from vaccinating for COVID-19. Vaccination (the cavalry) will save lives and our economy. But we can't yet stop…
We've all seen the headlines, but what's next?

October 2020

TLDR: Transmission from adolescents to adults: not the answer we'd hoped for, but there is some good news here too!

August 2020

TLDR: R0 is a critically important measure, but it changes with time and population behavior, and is subject to great error